Thundering Oak PMA

Thundering Oak has become a Private Member Association as of October, 2022.

You must be a member in order to access the products, services, information, advice, council offered by Thundering Oak PMA.

Thundering Oak PMA is not open to the public.  Any natural man or woman is welcome to come to the farm, look around and become a member.

There are two levels of Members, Full and Limited.  Limited members may purchase any of our products except for the milk share.  To receive shares of milk you must also become a herd share member.

The PMA Member Agreement is here.

The Herdshare Agreement is here.

This is how the herdshare works:

​For $2.00 per month you have lease interest of the  cow herd.

There is a fee of $32.00 per month per share (one share = one gal per week) to cover the boarding, feeding, milking and care. The monthly fees are due on the 15th of each month.

We package this liquid gold into glass half gallon jars.  You may provide your own jars or purchase jars from us for $3.00 each.  You will need 4 jars for each share.  Jars are to be returned clean and dry.  We will be charging a $3.00 cleaning fee for jars returned in a  condition determined by us to be unsafe to fill.

The cow herd consists of beautiful sweet Jersey cows, gorgeous Guernseys and some Shorthorns.  Please see our photo gallery for pictures of these happy gals.

As of this time we are 98% A2/A2 milk.  Once our last A1/A2 gal leaves us we will be 100% A2/A2.