Thundering Oak

Established in December 2006

Named after our very first Highland Steer, Thunder, and the big beautiful Oak tree.

He came to our farm May 1, 2010.  In June Veronica and Victoria joined our fold.

Veronica – was a red highland and a little stand offish.  She gave birth to our first calf on the farm.  Zeva was supposed to be our first pure-bred highland and … oops … she came out with a white face.  Now, Highlands aren’t supposed to be ‘spotted’ so you can imagine our dismay.  It appears that she ‘accidentally’ got in with a very young hereford bull.

Victoria – is a yellow highland and she gave birth in August 2010 to Xerox.  Our first highland bull calf.  Victoria was a sweetheart and would let you brush her all over and loves to be pet.

In 2022 Thundering Oak Highlands became a Private Member Association and the name has changed to Thundering Oak.