Raw Milk Herdshares

This is how herdshares work:

​For $2.00 per month you have lease ownership of the  cow and goat herd.

There is a fee of $32.00 per month per share (one share = one gal per week) which pays for the boarding, feeding, milking and care. The monthly fees are due on the 15th of each month.

We package this liquid gold into glass half gallon jars.  You may provide your own jars or purchase jars from us for $2.00 each.  You will need 4 jars for each share.  Jars are to be returned clean and dry.  We will be charging a $2.00 cleaning fee for jars returned in unfillable condition.

The cow herd consists of beautiful sweet Jersey cows.  Please see our photo gallery for pictures of these happy gals.

The goat herd consists of Nubian goats.  Nubian goat milk is the Cadillac of goat milk.  Sweet and creamy.  Easily digestible and delicious.